Visit to the CNY Regional Market

Still going through photos from the summer!  I mentioned in a previous post, going to Central NY (Onondaga County) to visit my Aunt E. One of things we did was to visit the Central NY Regional Market which has been a fixture in NY since the 1930’s when my grandparents used to take potatoes, eggs, ducks and chickens to sell there – even in winter with a portable iron stove to keep warm!

This is a birds eye view of the location of the market: 8 warehouses plus!

The place has been majorly revamped since those days but it’s still the largest  farmer’s market in NY in one locale–47 acres. It’s open all year two days a week, but in winter the action is all indoors. There’s all kinds of vendors of produce and edibles (meat, pasta, milk products, etc) and one of the warehouse buildings seemed to be more of a mish-mash of goods market. There were many sellers of plants (annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees) too both indoors and out under awnings between the warehouses.  We walked through all the buildings (it was raining so I was grateful to get inside!) This photo is taken halfway down one.

Seeing as my gardens were not producing all that much (late planted and bugs) and it was early July, I was pretty impressed at how nice the produce looked.

Now this is July garlic–pretty nice!! New York state is known for its “BOLD” onions which a cooking onions. I picked up a huge bag of those.

Here’s a couple of plant sellers. I picked up a white coneflower for my PA garden.

I do appreciate farmer’s markets, especially when I find a good one!