February Design Class

The intrepid few met at Charlotte’s despite the wintry weather. In attendance were Brenda, Sue, Charlotte, Denise and Carmen. While Connie recovers her strength, Carmen has gallantly offered to fill in as teacher.

Our task for this session was either to practice line or line-mass or to do an freely interpretive design reflective of our views of the season or February. Carmen demonstrated a slanted style design using things left from December that had actually frozen and still looked great (red carnations! and greenery).

This time of year, most of what is available at the florists is being flown in from South America and the variety pickings in local stores are pretty slim. However, the ladies had found some lovely colors to work with. Sue was trying for a large free-form with the colors white and blue (her concept of February). She also had successfully  forced her cuttings from willows and forsythia for the first time and incorporated those in the design, which became a group endeavor.

Thank you Jackie (who could not be there) for cookies, Denise for cake and Sue for other sundries. And as always to Charlotte for providing space and cheer.