Best Friends

No one who has been in Carroll Garden Club for a while can fail to note the close friendship between two of our members, Audrey and Wilma. Like peas in a pod, they do many things together and support one another in and out of CGC.  Where one needs help, the other steps in. This type of friendship is golden and rare. I asked them to describe why they are “BFFs” and here is their reply.


We met at a Homemaker’s Club meeting which Wilma was hosting.  Later we started calling one another about Club problems, later on personal issues.

As only children, we are the sister to each other we never had, sharing the happy times and sad ones, giving each other support.

We enjoy doing the same things:  cooking, decorating, shopping, and yard sales.  One exception—one of us is a morning person and the other is a night owl.