A Walk Through The Neighborhood En Route to Daytona Beach

Well, hey. It’s late December-January week in Florida, so we’ll go to the beach.  Why does my brain start twitching?

OK, it has been UNUSUALLY warm up and down the east coast this season, but things were starting to get cooler back home in Maryland. So, I dutifully packed spring weight clothing for this Florida trip. But, of course!  The cool-down would be delayed here and temperatures were in the upper 80’s, sticky and sweltering until the day we left for home! Indeed, it was hot enough to swim in the Atlantic as well as the lagoon pool in the back yard even though I had brought no swim suit.  However, I did bring the all-important camera to record, what else? People’s yard plantings!

There are very swanky houses along the Halifax River set back from the road frontage that look professionally landscaped, with gates and fences. In other sections, houses are low to the ground (lots of pastel colored stucco and brick over block). The impression of many yards was akin to “Hey! I’m a transplant from (Other State). Look what I can grow here!” And the yards would be dotted widely with tropical items in a free form style.  In the older area of our rental’s street, some houses from the 20’s had more of a villa look, some with sunken gardens and partially hidden side yards with flowering vines peeking out.

Tight grids allow easy access

Tight grids allow easy access

These are mostly next to the sidewalk plantings I took on the walk. Beach photos: luckily, there were no shark flags, although there were recently Man O’War jellyfish washed up on the beach within the last few days. Just sea birds at the moment!

Click to enlarge and I need help identifying these properly!