A slow spring arriving at the farm and a farewell

When I travel south to Alexandria and back up through Columbia toward Westminster, it always amazes me how far ahead the areas south of us are in bloom times. Yes, I know it’s a zone difference and also may have to do with asphalt and congestion! The same thing happens going north to visit my farm north of Gettysburg in comparison to Westminster. For example, the forsythias aren’t even colored up yet. The crocus and squill have just emerged over the past week!

I’m a little sad that my aunt is leaving to return to her New York life next weekend. She’ll miss seeing the lilacs bloom that she has contributed to the yard and the peonies transplanted from her NY place as they take hold and bloom in PA. She’s taking all the poultry (geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, guineas)  with her to her 30 acre farm. It’ll be a great life, but I know I will especially miss the majestic posturing of the geese as they arch their necks while strolling past the window and the joyful antics of the Indian Runner ducks whenever they find water. But I can’t live there full time to care for them properly. I’ll especially regret not having Aunt E. there with her great advice and willingness to pitch in. She’s leaving things in better shape than when she arrived.