West End Place Garden Wakes Up

It’s early April and Nancy Heiberg gives the call for Carroll Garden Club members to come roust the WEP garden. Besides Nan, Sue Christensen, Julia Landrum, Dottie Irwin, Brenda Powell, Jan Halman-Miller and Barb Childs arrive with rakes, loppers, soil knives, bags and other gardening accoutrements.  Today’s task is primarily cleaning up the fallen leaves clogging the beds, picking up dead branches and trimming or cutting out damaged and dead leaves from daylilies and other perennials. Only the earliest daffodils and a lenten rose are in bloom.  Everyone sets to, but at the same time there is pleasure in the comraderie. Julia, in particular, tells some good stories. Sue is happy since she gets to take all the bagged leaves home to use for lasagna garden preparation!