Visiting Stauffers of Kissel Hill and Ashcombe Farm

Brenda and Sue ventured north into Pennsylvania, up Rt 15 past Dillsburg into what Bren referred to as “her stomping grounds” to visit a couple of nurseries up there.  I had driven past the bright yellow building complex of Kissel Hills several times and never knew what it was. So, I was delighted to accompany Brenda on an otherwise dismally cloudy, moist day rather than sulking at home.

Stauffers at Kissel Hill has a large area devoted to pots, all kinds of patio furniture sets, decorative items and of course plants. We looked at anything discount (of course!) and Brenda found some neato marked down items that she was pleased with. They have seeds, indoor plants, nursery grown herbs, veggies, perennials and annuals and outdoors was a vast area of shrubs and trees.

Says Brenda, well since we are already here, it makes sense to go to the other nursery in the area–Ashcombe. So we took a nearby backroad route to this second nursery which is very nice indeed and has a nice little eat in cafeteria inside for the footsore and hungry shopper. We found some great seed selections, more garden additions and I found Winter Savory, a perennial I *never* find for sale–so got that plus new rosemary to trial (Arp) and Mexican mint. Brenda found 1/2 price hyacinths in Easter egg colors, tomatoes and other items–quite a haul actually–of savings. Why do nurseries put out plants in April that canot be set out to mid-May or later? I don’t get that–but fell for purchasing brussel sprouts, which I had not started from seed. (smacks head hard).

We had a lovely outing and recommend that you also visit these nurseries in our backyard.


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  1. Connie
    April 27, 2015 at 8:13 am

    Hi Sue,
    You can plant out the Brussels sprouts now, so long as you protect them from the sun for awhile. If you peg down a row cover, it will also shield them from the bunnies. Don’t forget cutworms!

    I hope to maybe be able to come with you next time.


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