Visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show 2017

I left home at 8:30 last Saturday morning and arrived in Philadelphia, about 11 a.m. but then I took some time walking from the garage where I parked the car into the Convention Center. I booked my ticket on line the same morning so I had to retrieve an actual ticket at the members’ kiosk.

I expected the Convention Center to be very busy when I arrived, just after the opening time on Saturday, but for two hours the crowds were quite manageable.

The theme this year was Dutch culture. Soon I saw the traditional windmills and many gardens planted with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. The first photo I took was of the 6,000 purple blooms that flowed down from a roof canopy. (Click any photo to enlarge)





I always think of tulips when I think of Holland so I then went for a photo for the tulips.



One of the bridges combined the use of bicycles (orange) with water lilies floating on a canal.



Next I looked at the Japanese Ikenobo designs. I liked the simplicity of the pussy willow and the tulip design. I later bought some pussy willow to take home.



More white tulips.



It’s only the second day of the show so the flowers are just so fresh and beautiful. More competitions and a design with red anthuriums and red Gloriosa Lilies “Rothschildiana”.



Sometimes it was hard to get close enough to see all four designs in a class so sometimes I just looked at the one the judges had chosen as their blue ribbon winner.



I have a succulent like this one that grows vertically around our pool and I like the way they had let it trail down from a vertical pole. This is an idea for my garden if the snow ever goes away.


Then I went over to the miniatures. I was attracted by two roses in a small container but it was the outstretched branches that I found so interesting.



There were several table designs and I liked the one with hoops and the way the napkin was draped over the edge of the table.


Cycles and bikes are typically Dutch so I liked the designs made around bike wheels. The design with blue hoops was one of several in the miniature category.

One of the specialists gave me a lecture on the difference between azaleas and rhododendrons–must remember to count the stamens.


Lots of individual plants in pots.



Finally, I took a photo of the Windmills.


I had been touring round for three hours. I know that younger folks stay about six hours but that was enough for me. Last but not least, I bought a few plants which I hope to plant out in the garden when spring time comes.


Here is part of this year’s scheme:

Here is a write up about this flower show and theme:

Download (PDF, 2.77MB)