September 2015 Meeting: A Yellow Flower Show and Fragrance Gardens

September was our first official meeting with Marjorie as our new president. Everyone was asked to bring in at least one yellow botanical item from our gardens and to make certain it was labeled with the proper Latin botanical name.

Our speaker was Rick Archambault. In June, we visited his Finksburg garden and now he was here to discuss Fragrance Gardens. We watched a slide show where he enumerated the various flowers that one could include in their own gardens including as well many herbs and the scented leaves of Pelargoniums. He discussed the importance of siting fragrant plants where they can be best enjoyed whether brushing by them, examining individuals or massing. Another aspect to consider is sequencing scents so that something else can take the place of the waning fragrance. Also, it is best not to have competing fragrances if you wish to have a clear sense of emission. His slide show took us through the seasons, listing which plants to include for scent.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died just as the program began, so there are no slideshow pix to share.