Season of Narcissus

Every year, I add bulbs to my PA garden. Due to the pressures of digging, chewin,  plant-consuming rodents, squirrels and chipmunks my most frequent purchases are from the various categories of daffodils. I love that most of them readily naturalize and fill in areas, eventually choking out weeds.

In 2013, I redid the area along the bottom of the stone barn ramp with miniatures from all the different classes that were available from John Scheepers; for larger quantities, I have also ordered in the past from the sister company Van Engelen. I have also bought from Brent and Becky’s. I’ve been happy with all of those so far. Fall 2014, I only put in three taller types, thinking my aunt would like something readily visible and familiar to her from her old place in NY and that would fill in some empty space fronting the roses.

The mini’s were pretty sparse looking at first last year, but some of the hardy types are filling in nicely. The earliest passed quickly due to the abnormally warm days we had and a few of the species type may come on this week. 2014’s group (Marieke and Ice Follies) are already up showing well, being big flowers. We are still awaiting ‘Avalanche’ to show its clustered blooms.

Meanwhile, in one week the Forsythia came into bloom, the heat hurried along the Star Magnolia and fruit blossoms on the bush cherries and plums have popped. Of course, temperatures are expected to plummet with the potential for several days of frost–just what we orchard lovers fear.

Pictures form April 19. Click to enlarge.