So, after much machete work, there is finally time to lift my eyes from ground level. I have mentioned this White Ash before–it’s becoming quite a relict and we have a sick fascination with wondering which part of it will drop where next (away from the house). It has been slowly slipping away for years, but the bole is pretty massive and other parts have a will to live as evidenced by the strong growth in new branches and water sprouts. The “gone” sections have been housing baby birds and feeding woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees with goodies under the loose bark. And it is a perching spot for the singers and for any bird awaiting a turn at the feeder. So, I love to watch it when I can pull up a chair in the shade with some binoculars or a camera. Can you see the diving bird in this picture?

Diving bird off ash

There was a half moon and I thought the stark imagery of an ash impersonating a desert Saguaro cactus was kind of cool. As was the moon itself close up (love these digital cameras!)

Ash Moon