Our First Official Design Class at Charlotte’s!

We had a great turnout for the October design class. We all had received handouts prior to class on tools, using Oasis, conditioning flowers and greenery and a lesson from National Garden Club on Line Design. We’d been advised to procure toolboxes for our mechanics and tools and a binder. For the floral material, everyone scoured their yards and surroundings for flowers still in bloom, grasses, branches and plants at the drying stage. We also found that a local florist shop “The Cutting Garden” in Westminster at the corner of the 140 Village Shopping Center had great prices and selections. In talking with the proprietor, we found that she was a former garden club member and she had good advice in selecting flowers. So, we are going to give her a plug here by including her website:  The Cutting Garden

Our instructor was Connie Hoge who discussed tools and mechanics. She did a dried arrangement using dried pussy willow branches and alliums in Sahara (the medium used for dried flowers rather than Oasis). She then made herself available to the participants, walking around the room to see who needed assistance. Another person who was of great help was Carmen Blosveren who drew on her vast design experience to advise and instruct those of us who were struggling. Kudos also go to our hostess, Charlotte Young who reorganized the basement of her new home to accommodate the entire design class and provide a place where setup and cleanup would be easy. Also, thanks go to those providing tables!

What I liked was the chance to take my time and think about what I was doing without distractions; we were not hurried in any way. Although the emphasis was on learning line design, other people did mass designs and it was OK too!  More advanced people were quickly available with suggestions. There was plenty of space to lay out everything needed. We could make more than one arrangement in the time allotted if desired. We met afterwards up in the kitchen for beverages and baked goodies and got to talk as friends. We don’t always get much time to do this at the regular meetings. I think if you ask any of October’s participants, they will say the experience was enjoyable.

Photos of the first class and some of the arrangements follow. If I didn’t attribute your arrangement, let me know which is yours!

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If you didn’t get a copy, here’s our lesson. Clicking will open a new page for upload.

 Lesson One-Vertical Line