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Regular meeting schedule

Luncheon and meeting

Luncheon and meeting

We have a light lunch provided by a group of co-hostesses that changes monthly.   Hostesses are responsible for planning the menu and designing the main arrangements and table decorations. Afterwards, we have a program followed by a business meeting.


We often hold a Christmas workshop where members bring a selection of  varied evergreens, berries and ornaments to make wreaths, swags, and other holiday arrangements. Christmasworkshop





We schedule a monthly program which may be given by a professional speaker in a field complimentary to garden club interests or  it may be given by garden club members with expertise in a particular area or a desire to research and share.

Floral Design and Horticulture

Photo from Art in BloomMembers of Carroll Garden Club are encouraged to learn about plants and to express themselves creatively. Many enter arrangements in flower shows or participate in making decorative pieces for local charity events or for civic projects.






Field TripsFieldtrip CGC GIMP 1000

We may visit all manner of places: for example, an historic site, a conservatory, a preserve, public gardens and also tour our own member gardens, especially in the summer months.


Roadside Beautification

RT 140 Daff Plantings



We team up with the highway department to make your spring driving a *Wow!* experience by planting 1000’s of bulbs yearly.

Ahhh! This is why we do it! Years later, our plantings  look like this!



Garden Therapy

Edible project for Garden Therapy

Edible project for Garden Therapy

Our goal in garden therapy is to spend some time with the clients and talk to them about nature, gardening, the out doors, the seasons, plants, and weather;  the activities center around these topics. We have a crafting session with easy activities participants can finish in a short time period and enjoy.







Junior Gardeners

Diane with Jr. Gardeners at Boys and Girls Club

Diane with Jr. Gardeners at Boys and Girls Club

Westminster Boy & Girls Club’s Garden Club meets twice a month during the winter, and every week during the growing season. Attendance began with 20 children in January 2012, and was pared down to an average of 7 children in attendance during the growing season. An empty lot of approximately 25’X25′ was transformed into raised beds by an Eagle Scout project.


Diane and Jr. Gardeners

Diane and Jr. Gardeners

Activities are mostly hands on outdoor vegetable and flower gardening, with related indoor activities during the winter. I use University of Maryland Extension’s “Growing Healthy Habits” curriculum for indoor lessons and games about nutrition and gardening principles. The nutritionist from Extension prepares a health snack to coordinate with the lesson/activity, once or twice a month.  We have lessons on soil, plant parts, nutrients, companion planting, planning garden layout, …. We start seeds indoors, pot off, and transplant into the garden, as well as some direct seeding. We observe and identify pests and beneficials. We mulch, weed, water, thin, prune, deadhead, and observe growth habits. We harvest, taste, cook with produce from the garden, and emphasize food safety. We make flower arrangements with plant material from the garden in summer, and holiday green arrangements.



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