Note to CGC Members: How to Subscribe and Change Your Password from the Home Page

You’ve arrived at the Public Home Page for Carroll Garden Club.  Congratulations!

To subscribe, look to the Sidebars (the area outside the content section) at the right. You will see two vertical columns filled with information like the Weather & Calendar in the first and “Upcoming Events” in the second outer sidebar. Scan down the outer sidebar until you read:

CGC Members Login

Inside that box you will see:


Lost Password


We members must register just the one time to view the Members Only area. Then the website will remember you and allow you in via a User Name and a Password.  The User Name is what *you* choose.  The FIRST password  is always generated by the computer and is e-mailed to you to use until you decide to change it.

To change your password to one you want to use, click the Lost Password link mentioned above.  You will receive an e-mail that says that someone wants to change your password and if that is the case, to click the  second link provided. Or, copy and paste the link into your browser if the URL isn’t clickable. That second link will open a browser window where you can type in the new password that you wish to use instead of the long, confusing auto-generated one.


Next time you log in to view the Members Only section, you will use your user name and new password in that same LOGIN area of the sidebar. If you do not log in, you will still get to read the posts or pages intended for the Public View, but won’t be able to access CGC Only menus. Having a LogIn is our security measure and is meant to exclude non-members  from that area alone. This is why we have the Register area under CGC Members; we are the only people who will “Register”.

Other people can “Subscribe” to the general public blog via RSS (See the button in the Sidebar). Click that button and see what it does. Also note under the posts that we or the public can “Share” a post with Facebook, Twitter, etc. just by clicking in that little Share box.