May Floral Workshop: Miniatures

Our last workshop in May revolved around miniature design. Some of us had a number of containers at home, but others scoured the second hand shops and antique malls for ideas (with success!)  Carmen, our instructor, pointed out that in a flower show, the container should not be a distraction from the arrangement. So, certain items brought would be automatically set aside as unusable were that the case. However, this was more of a fun exercise and we used a number of lovely little containers that lent themselves nicely to some of our floral materials. For example, a newly opening maple branchlet lent just the right element to a little Chinese girl vase for a simplistic design with an Asian twist.

Everyone had a plethora of small flowers that were shared. Some of us experimented with more than one arrangement, which is the beauty of miniature work. It doesn’t have to take long. Unfortunately, I couldn’t identify everyone’s work below after this much time has elapsed (May event to September blogging).

Being a busy twosome, Wilma and Audrey had to leave early, so their arrangement pictures were taken hurriedly (sorry!). Otherwise, enjoy the pictures of our miniature workshop!