Marjorie’s September Visit to Longwood

Marjorie took some pictures during a September visit to Longwood Gardens.  That month was devoted to the fountains and she took several pictures of these and of some flowers and plants that caught her attention.

Longwood puts on a fountain show with colored lights and musical accompaniments for those who stay later in the day too. Their write up states:

Stand before towering fountains, wander shady groves, see fireworks light up the night sky, and enjoy concerts in the most beautiful outdoor settings. Our celebration of the Main Fountain Garden continues with jaw-dropping fountain performances…Our daily fountain performances are the stars of the new Main Fountain Garden experience. Enjoy the thrill of what 1,719 jets can do—from spinning and dancing to music, to soaring as high as 175 feet.”

With music, no illumination:

At 1:00: “Classical accompaniment From Vivaldi, to Mozart, to Copland, relish majestic fountain choreography set to classical composers.”

At 5:00: “You never know what genre of music may be chosen by our curators for this special show. From classical, to jazz, to hits of today … a memorable fountain experience awaits.”

It looks like dahlias were a favorite subject in September. I suspect the last two pictures were either from a floral design workshop or flower show.

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