Marjorie Goes to Longwood’s Orchid Extravaganza

Before our March meeting, Marjorie attended Longwood’s Orchid show and true to form recorded the Extravaganza, which was passed to me as 135 pictures on a CD!  I have winnowed them down to a merely impressive number in the photo gallery below!

Interspersed are non-orchid plants, as Longwood also had some spring displays of daffodils, poppies, cyclamen and other lovelies.

I recall some from our list…

  1. Phalaenopsis (Moth orchid)*
  2. Paphiopedilium (Lady’s Slipper)*
  3. Cattleya (Corsage orchid)
  4. Dendrobium (Florist bouquets)
  5. Oncidium (Dancing Lady)
  6. Cymbidium (waxy flowers on upright strappy foliage)
  7. Phaius (Nun’s Orchid, large growing terrestrial)
  8. Miltoniopsis (Pansy orchid)
  9. Vanda (hang from trees, often grown from baskets
  10. Ahhhh–too many others to list here

*Said to be easiest to grow as house plants

It must be incredible to be part of the display crew setting all these plants up to make such a spectacle for public viewing!


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