July 2014 Garden Tour at Diane Brown’s

We were lucky to have perfect weather to meet for the July tour. Diane’s home is set in a scenic area of rolling hills with distant views, so the drive was enjoyable. She has a deep property (that would make a great sledding hill in front) with a long driveway. She has a long raised bed with trees, peonies and other perennials near the driveway plus other plantings near the entrance. By the parking area she had lilies in bloom along the edge and opposite perennial plantings near a waterlily pond. Diane’s been a Master Gardener for quite some time and it shows in her choices of plants for edibles, her attention to birds and pollinators and the interesting way she used materials in her perennial plantings.  I for one, was envious of her deeply mulched planting areas and the way she creatively used a former emu pen to corral vining crops. It was fascinating to see what a real emu looks like up close and to hear the deep thrummimg sound they can make. We adjourned to the pleasant front porch and sampled Gayle’s contributions (excellent!) to finish the evening and drove home to a lovely sunset. Thanks, Diane and Gayle!   (click gallery pix to enlarge and arrows to view slideshow)