Joan Epler: Article to Carroll County Times

Some Carroll County residents have been getting a surprise in their mailboxes this summer:  a certificate proclaiming that their front yard is a beautiful place to see. The Carroll Garden Club, which meets in Union Bridge and welcomes new members, has embarked on a mission to recognize beautiful homeowner gardens in Carroll County.  The five members of this committee, as they drive around the county this summer, have been keeping their eyes open for well-kept, attractive, non-professionally maintained front yards and gardens.  When such a garden is spotted a picture is taken and the member will talk to the homeowner, if possible, about the project.  A certificate, including the photo, will then be sent to the homeowner in appreciation of efforts to beautify the county.  We also ask if it would be acceptable to publish a picture in the paper without an identifying address.  This program is just getting off the ground and we hope to expand it next summer.  Further information about the Carroll Garden Club can be obtained by going to the Carroll County library community information website.Joan-Beaut Gard 1   BeautGard2