How Dry I Am…

Time for a rain dance at Meadowbrook. The grass is going brown and dormant and I’m needing to use the hose to deep water and spray with well water all over the property. Compatriots in Maryland describe lush green leaves and no lack of moisture. But here in my little corner of the world, the promised rain has not materialized. Again and again the clouds form cells of intense rain activity and I watch as they divide and dissipate over the South Mountain Region of the Pennsylvania Blue Ridge (the most northern section of that chain which in my vicinity). The storms go to either side and I get the sounds of thunder and a patter of sprinkles and–it’s gone. So, they may have rain in Gettysburg and Harrisburg, but not in Aspers. Justin Burke, my go-to weather man says that the storm systems develop a “memory” and repeat their pathways until something more powerful knocks out that rhythym.  I believe it.

My Aunt E. in New York says they are talking the D word (DROUGHT) as things up in Central NY/Lake Ontario have gotten so dry.  Here is the latest map from Drought Monitor in our region:

Maryland is "Normal", PA is abnormally dry and NY shows signs of drought.

Maryland is “Normal”, PA is abnormally dry and NY shows signs of drought.


I imagine the corn in some of those areas looks like this:
USDA Stunted corn from drought

I long for a day where I awaken to a gentle rain that lasts the entire day. So, here’s my invocation to the Rain Giver drawing from this sound recording…

Rain, Thunder and Birds


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  1. Nancy Heiberg
    July 16, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Dry here in New Windsor. .At 4:00 p.m.the sky was dark and radar s pocket headed right over us,but it changed course and headed south.So now I will have to go out and water my beds..Ah,the perils of gardening,!,,!

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