Grand Champion

Diane Brown began entering flower and produce exhibits in the Howard County Fair long ago at her daughters’ urging, when they were busy preparing their many 4-H exhibits.  The first year, she entered two jellies.  The raspberry placed second in its class, the current won grand champion.  If you haven’t competed in a fair, the current jelly won first place in miscellaneous jelly class, champion for all jelly, and grand champion for all canned goods.  So she was hooked.  She has continued to enter, after moving to Carroll County, whose fair doesn’t have open class exhibits.

The grand champion basket is for the class “Ornamental Fruit and Vegetable Display”, one of 50 classes in the fruit and vegetable department.   The basket contained honeydew, blackberries, aronia berries, strawberries, goji berries, cucumber, Italian eggplant, various tomatoes, mini peppers – yellow and red, chili peppers – yellow & red, Trinadad peppers, patty-pan, yellow squash and asparagus.   The strawberries are missing in the photo, which was taken 4 days after entry, as they had gone to mush, and produce is discarded if it deteriorates.”

Di's a Winner

Di’s a Winner