Floral Lushness

With all of the spring rains we’ve had, flowering shrubs and trees have put on quite the floral display in their season. I was particularly impressed with the number of flowers on my Viburnum opulus this year.

For our May fieldtrip, some of us carpoolers gathered at Joan EplersĀ  and gaped at her azaleas which put on a nicer show than in 2016, I think. Joan says that her husband is the great azalea enthusiast and has been busy populating their spacious yard, especially back in the shadier wooded area to the rear. Here’s one group near the house.

Woo! Check out this color closeup!

And Joan’s long border was showing great growth too.

I’m cheating by including this earlier picture (because I didn’t post April photos) but isn’t the play of light on this forsythia beautiful?