District V Annual Meeting 2017

District V met at Holly Hills Country Club for the annual meeting. It was well attended, but pretty full!

Outgoing officers were:

Director –Lynn Walter

Assistant Director –Jennifer Evans

Recording Secretary– Sue Christensen

Corresponding Secretary–Darlene Brotzman

Treasurer–Judy Draper


Welcomed into the new executive positions for District V for 2017-2019 are:

Jennifer Evans–Director

Mikki Stratmeyer–Assistant Director

Recording Secretary–Gayle Mathues *!*

Corresponding Secretary–Tina Swanson

Treasurer–Sue Christensen

The new executive board all were given cute squishy stuffed frogs from outgoing President Nicki Schwab.  Sue also received an “Attagirl” honorary certificate from her club and she was very surprised and humbled at the recognition.

Our luncheon was very tasty. Due to the length of time to have chefs custom serving each entree, we talked at the table for quite a while.  There were the usual excellent table arrangements showcasing the talents of ladies from District V clubs.

Our program speaker was Paige Canfield of Sumner Designs who was to give a talk on tabletop designs. We all agreed afterwards that we had different ideas of what her presentation was going to be about. Paige is “an interior designer for your tabletop” which meant she has a different perspective than what we typically pay attention to.

For example, she mentioned the importance of the company Pantone in determining how color is used to be fashionable, even in terms of floral design (think wedding pictures with flowers matching gowns, table decor etc for photographers) or how people signal status by the way their tables are set for high end affairs or dining. This is her clientele. So this year, the in color per Pantone is “Greenery” and she showed how she was incorporating this in her floral designs and accoutrements.

She also mentioned the trends – those seen in the wedding magazines as being a good source.

For example–monochromatic, one type of flower or odd numbers of different types.

She said low and “impacted” arrangements are more popular. Keep it simple is the motto.

Naturals  (plants) – herbs like sage and mint, woodland themes with moss and birch, plus coffee and grey tones.

She also said that the “Blue and White” containers never go out of style:

Paige put together some simple mini arrangements which she gathered together, explaining that they could be used later as hostess gifts at one’s party.

Paige spoke at length in praise of certain flower magazine interior designers, name dropping quite a few she knows from her work.  So anyone who wants to get their innate designer game on can reference  Carolyn Roehm, Shane Connolly or the New York Flower School among others.