December Design Class-Horizontal Line

Due to the holiday crush, we had fewer attendees, but we still had a lot of fun working on our horizontal line designs, technically more horizontal line-mass in construction. One learns about choosing appropriately shaped containers to achieve the design we are after. Gayle had a glass lined antique serving dish she was using–a festive holiday touch. Working on designs in winter challenges us to think ahead and preserve plants from our gardens to use later. Rain, wind and ice have often beaten down anything delicate. However, I saw imaginative use of corky branches from euonymous alatus, cuttings of greenery–boxwood, arborvitae and pine, Virginia Cedar and yew, ivy, rosehips and winterberry from yards. Available flowers seemed to be predominately in the red, white or pale greens using carnations,roses, lilies, Baby’s Breath, mums and snapdragons. Brenda found pink roses. My discovery was that the Virginia cedar I’d cut was going to dictate an S curve to my design. Afterwards, we adjourned to the kitchen for yummy goodies provided by hostess Charlotte and Marjorie. Carmen stopped by to look at our efforts and told us we could be proud to display all of them.

Our class efforts: