Chanticleer: Part Deux

Yesterday, we showed justĀ  a few pictures from Marjorie’s visit to Chanticleer. This follow up post will add an additional photo gallery and a little more information. After looking over these pictures, I agree with our President M. that this would indeed be a wonderful fieldtrip to take in the future.

Here’s a little more information:

The Rosengarten family wealth was based on pharmaceutical manufacturing; later the company became Merck. Their son ‘Dolf was stationed in London during WWII and fell in love with the idea of an English manor garden. Becoming alarmed at the rapacious development taking place around Philadelphia, he decided to save the estate as a public garden where visitors could wander the grounds and forget their woes. His English garden vision was more that of a rolling lawn and trees.

The garden was bequeathed to the public under an executive director from England, Chris Woods, who re-imagined the garden as one of “color, hot plants, artistry and savvy” according to Architectural Digest, with “eclectic plant mixes that populate the property.” Horticulturalists with various specialties and ideas have been assigned to particular areas. An All Things Considered program with Adrian Higgins of WaPo opined that “It doesn’t have an agenda. It isn’t, for example, only native plants. It doesn’t label everything, like an arboretum. It’s about plants; plants on their stage.”

Chanticleer Gardens

Chanticleer Gardens

Using the map above we can try to figure out where Marjories pictures were taken… Click to enlarge and follow arrows for slide show.



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  1. Gayle Mathues
    May 26, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    oh my goodness! how beautiful!and to think this garden, and Ladew, which I recently visited, are so close by! Who knew! Another destination!

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