CGC October 2016 Meeting

We met back at the Union Bridge Community Center for our October Meeting.

Our hostesses had provided a lovely tea luncheon that was both delicious and a feast for the eyes on all tables, strongly featuring pumpkins.

Members had been instructed to cut and identify berried branches from their yards for a horticulture display and there were quite a few Beautyberries of varied cultivars, hollies, Nandinas and so forth.

berried-branches-2 berried-branches

We were also asked to compose a miniature design and many complied. With the application of a sizing square, we learned how easily one can go above the size limitations, so it is important to keep to the correct proportions.


Our program was given by CGC’s Sue Christensen who endeavored to show how and why herbal medicine lacks the same support in our country as it does elsewhere. She took us through a history of herbal use in various cultures and showed how the currents of thought spread ideas from one civilization to another. We also learned how scientific practices and discoveries would change the way men perceived disease and medicinal practices. We found that a small but determined group motivated by with economic self interest can engineer supporting educational institutions and sway public opinion against alternate medicines so as to put them in disrepute.

( Since I took no pictures, here are a selection of Powerpoint Slides that illustrate parts of the program.)