CGC October 1941

The Carroll Garden Club was entertained by Mrs. Earl Shriner October 1.

Meeting was opened by reading the poem of the month.

The minutes were read and approved.

The state of California and its state flower, the poppy, was studied through poems, articles and moving pictures.

The Legend of the Poppy–Mrs. Herbert Snyder

Poem About California–Miss Marianna Snader

Your Choice in Visiting–Mrs. Walter Speicher

Death Valley–Mrs. Preston Myers

San Bernadino County–Miss Marie Senseny

The pictures which were shown and explained by Mrs. Delaplane were very interesting and colorful. She showed pictures of California, Honolulu and the flowers of the Hawaiian Islands. The flowers proved very unusual and beautiful.

After refreshments served by the hostess, the Club adjourned to meet with Mrs. Zollickhoffer in November.


Hilda Speicher, Secretary