CGC: November 1941

The November meeting of the Carroll Garden Club was held at the home of Mrs. Alfred Zollickoffer.

After the Roll Call, the minutes were read and approved.

During the business period it was decided to give $5.00 to Children’s Aid, a plant to Mrs. Delaplane at Thanksgiving in appreciation of her interesting pictures. Each member is asked to give a nickel for Red Cross. in December.

The Nominating Committee appointed is as follows:

Miss Marie Senseny, Chair

Miss Mildred Zumbrum

Mrs. L.E. Stauffer

Mrs. James Snyder

Mrs. Charles Hesson

Mrs. Edgar Myers

The program for the afternoon was New Mexico and its state flower, the cactus and was in charge of Mrs. Earl Shriner.

Poem: Mrs Fogle

New Mexico: Mrs. Earl Shriner

The Cactus: Mrs. Preston Myers

Mrs. John Wood was present and presented the work of the Women’s Division, Maryland Council of Defense.*

Mrs. Charles Clemson told of meeting the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor.

After tea, which was enjoyed by all, was served by the hostess, the Club adjourned to meet with the President in December.

Marion  Buckey, Pres.

Hilda Speicher, Sect.


*Objectives of the Women’s Division of the Maryland Council of Defense
General Aim: To cooperate with industrial plants and vocational institutions to teach women that they can take their places in industry when men are needed for defense.
Objectives: To crystallize public opinion that men’s places in industry can be successfully filled by women.
The Women’s Division was charged with the responsibility of recruiting and attending
to the needs of women working in wartime industries.