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Interviews with members, photos

Cosmopolitan Carmen

Member since 1973 Floral Designer Born in North Africa, Carmen Blosveren’s gift for growing became evident when guests at her parent’s home raved about how lovely the container plants were–all Carmen’s responsibility. Even now, she can point with pride to…


Indomitable Dottie

Member since 2002 2013 Publicity and Historian chair We can thank Joan Mann for bringing Dottie on board with Carroll Garden Club. Like other friendships begin, both were members of the same Homemakers Club and Joan convinced Dot to come…


Everybody’s friend, Jan

Member since 2001. West End Place Garden Therapy Chair-@ 8 years Jan found out about Carroll Garden Club through friends at the Methodist Church, including Lura and Carolyn Scott and tried to join even earlier. By the time I came…