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You say “tomato”; I say Solanum lycopersicum.

“You say “potato”, I say Solanum tuberosum. Let’s call the whole thing off…”                                                          …


The Survivor

Cleome growing from a crack in  the porch step

Cleome growing from a crack in the porch step


This evil cucumber

There are some very tenacious woody vines that I’m always pulling off structures, but this one was an herbacious vine that was bending my young willows to the ground. 


An unfortunate discovery-Oak Wilt

When looking for a grand shade tree, the advice has usually been to choose a hardy, slow growing tree that will develop strong branching and provide a legacy for the future.


Strange Things to See

An article by Joan Epler for Master Gardener The two fungi in this picture are growing on mulch in my garden, The one that resembles a penis is commonly called stink horn mushroom and belongs appropriately to the fungal order…


Fermented Pickles

Baskets and baskets of cucumbers plus a ceramic top hand-me-down stove meant no hot water canning of pickles this year. I read that canning on these types of stoves is not recommended. So,  Mrs. Wages Refrigerator Pickles (sweet, bread and…


Sages for hummingbirds

Salvia coccinea : “Scarlet sage” and Hummingbird Sage var. “Coral Nymph” are easily grown from seed. Not reliably hardy here, they are a perennial treated as an annual. I usually have a few of the red ones show up the…