August Designer’s Guild-Panel Designs

Marilyn Potter held the August Designer’s Guild workshop at the Mount Airy Senior Center. Attendees from CGC were Brenda, Marjorie and Karen. We have Brenda to thank for the photos.

The topic covered was Panel Designs, Marilyn having sent out the following information to participants earlier in the month:

Aug 22, 2017

A three-dimensional Creative Design, self-supporting. . . .in which a panel/s, plant>material and other (optional) components are used.

Container: should be of substantial weight and height to support heavy panel material and plant material. Or a metal structure to support panel and smaller container/s for plant material

1. May be whatever your imagination can come up with
Place mats (stiff plastic or straw), tied bamboo, palm spate, flat basket, floor tile, picture framed fabric, foam squares, etc.,
2. Will be incorporated into the design
3. May be of any material, shape or form, natural or man-made, solid or opaque
4. Panel/s will be dominant

Oasis which is very secure in container. . . cut to top of container (rarely above). . .
Supports to secure panels into container/oasis (example: panels glued to skewers). . .
Mechanics for panel MUST be prepared prior to session.

Plant material:
Minimal to contrast with other components
Plant material MUST make a statement: Birds-of-Paradise, Protea, lg Callas, Glads, lg Mums, lg Lilies, etc.
Leaves should be of substantial substance and fairly large.
Rarely would weak plant material be used.


Here are  Brenda and Marjorie with their ideas for the panels.

Here are pictures of some of the final designs being evaluated.

!! The next Guild meeting will be Tuesday, September 26th at the Mt. Airy Senior Center from 1:30-4pm and will be covering Grouped Mass Design which is a new one introduced by National Garden Clubs in July, according to Marilyn. They will also be reviewing the Elements and Principles of Design.

September Supplies: Container: any type but adequately large enough for a mass design. A plain tall container versus an urn or any other traditional type. The color should work with your plant material. Plant material: three or more type of plant material (to make a minimum of three groupings). The number of each type depends on how large your container is and how large the plant material is! Suggestion would be to bring 6 – 8 (or 10) of each of the 3 types. Greens may be included either as a filler or as one of the groupings. Other small filler may be included in a small amount. This is a Creative Design; therefore, very little filler is used if at all.