Audubon Society vs Wind Farms

Wind farm by Walter Siegmund

Unless we act quickly, Bald and Golden eagles face 30 years of death
and injury at the hands of wind power companies. Instead of protecting
our national symbol, the Interior Department is preparing to knuckle
under to industry lobbyists and sanction the killings.

Tell Interior Secretary Jewell the issuing of a 30-year incidental take
permit for wind farms is unconscionable—and must be reversed.

At issue is a permit Interior is granting the wind industry that lets
them kill Bald and Golden eagles despite little if any certainty that
the permitting regime can protect eagle populations. Wind farms are
often placed in the path of eagle migration routes and dozens perish
every year as they collide with invisibly whirling blades and high
Newer technology and siting information is available that could pose
less risk to birds, but the Interior’s action has given the wind
industry every reason to dawdle. As a result hundreds of eagles will
sustain horrible injuries and death.
Those deaths could be averted.
Wind energy is an important piece of moving America beyond fossil
fuels. But it is possible for wind farms and birds to co-exist more
peacefully. Sadly, if Interior’s plan goes forward, that will not be
the case.
Please act now—America’s eagles deserve better than


(NB…Bald Eagles would be more affected in the east, such as along Maryland’s eastern shore whereas the Golden Eagle is found in the west where many wind farms are sited.)