April 2017 Meeting

We had an Easter theme going on for the April meeting. Our hostesses decorated the tables with eggs and Easter grass and set up a nice luncheon for us all.

For horticulture, we were asked to bring in cut branches of flowering shrubs or trees. Our meeting room curtains as a backdrop make taking pictures somewhat challenging, but Brenda held up a white sheet behind some of these. I believe we had rhododendron, cherry, amelanchier and a peach tree. The bring pink of the peach was a standout, so won the KitKat prize.

The other request to prepare for the upcoming flower show was to make a “Creative Collage”. As you can see, we have some artistic members in our midst!

Here is a collection of daffodils in test tubes – so many types! – that Nancy Riddle brought in.

Our program speaker was Lori Himes, who has a flower and gift shop in Walkersville. She brought in various found containers to make spring arrangements and was most engaging and entertaining while constructing her pieces. Lori has been an award winning designer for over 30 years.

And here is our lovely young model sporting a spring corsage made by Lori:

At spur of the moment, she decided to make  this festive piece using am egg carton:

This was a tall basket in which cut branches (forsythia or  willow would do) made an interesting hoop background.

The last piece was an old basketry “door pocket” that she absolutely cram-packed with flowers.


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