A Flowering Aberration Or Normalcy?

I take pictures of my own and neighboring flora to document changes in growth and timing of flowering, fruiting and color changes–called phenology.

This year, the pink Magnolia soulangia began to open March 12, according to the dates on my photos as seen on the featured photo. Last year, they were opening a month later, at maximum size by April 19.

The crocus have been out ahead by two weeks.

My neighbor’s bright blue Chionodoxa are now blooming; last year it was April 7.

Last year, we had quite a cold snap which may have delayed flowering then. But, would it totally account for the month’s difference in the Magnolia? I’m not sure.

Have you noticed any differences this year in comparison to others?

Last year, a month later...

Last year, a month later…



1 comment for “A Flowering Aberration Or Normalcy?

  1. Gayle Mathues
    March 23, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    March has been very warm compared to last year… I have been keeping a daily record of temperatures, hi and low, for three years and this March has seen only two days colder that March of last year.. my star magnolia, which I planted last year has two blooms out fully and I noticed today that some of the blooms still in bud stage but partially opened got a little nipped by the below freezing (30) temp last nite.

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